Tales Of The Wood

Tales (Show Carver City) presents experiences and adventures by “Grandfather teak,” a talking tree-man. He takes visitors into the rainforest through the mysterious lands of the Empire Builders.

Woodman Home

WoodMan Home a Gallery by Narong Thewphaingarm (Ban Kon Rak Mai) The idea of the project is to educate the viewer about wood carving and to foster an appreciation for the art form.

Thai Village

Thai Village presents delicious food (Grilled Giant River Prawn, Steamed fish etc.) and fresh coffee amid the exotic atmosphere of Riverside Nakhon Chai Si. The village includes a souvenir shop

Muangmai Resort

The Whole Wood Resort was originally built to receive visitors of the Thewphaingam family. It has been updated to luxurious accommodations in the Bouquice style and has stunning


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